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Established in 2016, Expecto is a boutique funnel marketing agency and business consultant that utilises the tool of social media and digital marketing to leverage your business by providing real and actionable results. We help businesses identify marketing bottlenecks and find solutions to streamline your process. Expecto is in the business of accelerating your growth.

Our core value is ‘Your Success is Our Achievements’, where position ourself as a partner and not a vendor albeit we share all our learning and success. We pride ourself in the ability to put ourself in the client perspective and collaboratively grow together towards success. We deliver actual impact and real revenue growth to our client.

Our Technology Partners

Meet Our Team

Talents from various disciplines focussing on one goal, that is your success.

Marco Lie

Head Operations

Marco accidentally finds his passion for coding while pursuing his education in Information Technology from Bina Nusantara University. He self-learn the latest language and framework and brings himself to Industry-standard rapidly. As an Avid Technologist and Gadget enthusiast, he loves to create lines of codes as much as he enjoys tinkering with the hardware. All the while keeping himself updated with the latest trends in tech. His experience in coding has brought him to Expecto at its inception, building web application in-house and for clients both domestically and internationally. His continual perseverance and professional growth have transformed him today as one of the invaluable partners in Expecto.

Very Viranda

Art Director

Born in Pontianak, Very Viranda is a graduate from Information System major in STMIK Pontianak. He followed his passion for drawing Manga Comics and Surreal Anime style of Marvels, which starting him in the career of Graphic Design at an early age. He then incorporates his Design with his knowledge of technology to dabble in Web-based applications. The pursuit of his passion enriches him further in Architectural Interior and Video Editing. Today he continues his expertise and focuses in Arts and Technology as Expecto's Art Director.
Imam Illustrator


Creative Designer

Renown with his pseudo-identity as @Marsurinki Joe, Imam Riki, is an avid illustrator with a Graphic Design Graduate from Mercu Buana University. Originally from Sukabumi, he started to draw for hire since 2013 as a graphic designer, illustrator and as a comic artist. While still continuing his Master Study in Mass Communication, he works full time and continues to hone his skills relentlessly. His work is well known in his Youtube channel, DeviantArt and Instagram, all of this while pursuing his Master Degree in Communication and as Expecto's Creative Designer.
Firman SMM SEO


SEM & SMM Specialist

Firman Bayu's interest in the development of the digital industry comes at an early age, which makes it the focus of his career right from the start. He is the eldest son with 4 siblings from Rangkasbitung that pursue his education at Tarumanegara University in Communication and Purwadhika School in Digital Marketing. With his 3 years of experience in Digital Marketing and Social Media, he continues to deliver high competency in his work consistently. Today he continues to pursue his passion and continual growth with Expecto as one of our specialists.
Isam Content Writer


Social Media Manager

A seasoned veteran in communication and advertising, before the digital era, he has extensive experience in video production, event organiser, music and film industry. With Indonesia's digital revolutions, he has eloquently adapted with his one consistent passion, which is Social Media. This 5-year focus has transformed him to a versatile social media experts that have to cater to clients in the education, legal and food industry, both domestically and internationally. Today he continues to grow as a Social Media officer in Expecto.
Alex Founder


Growth Hacker

Alex's entire professional career is about identifying problems and find actionable solutions in his various position, in the area of management, marketing and digital.
Mellisa Content Writer


Content Writer

Exposed to numerous games since young, Mellisa found herself fascinated with the English language through the world of gaming. The later then pursued her interest in the English Language and Culture at Bunda Mulia University. Her proficiency in writing in both English and Bahasa Indonesia brought her to Expecto. But where she shines is in combining fresh and fun approaches in creating contents, ensuring our client's for social media will always be catchy and converting. Today, he continues to hone her skill of the trade while still being an avid mobile gamer.

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“Service Expecto sangat memuaskan bahkan melebihi ekspektasi terutama untuk startup yang sedang bertumbuh seperti Kontrak Hukum. Ketika membutuhkan speed dalam memproduce design - design marketing, Expecto telah membantu dengan kualitas yang sangat baik. Peningkatan yang terasa tentunya dari sisi branding valuenya meningkat jadi ada identitas lebih, kemudian tidak repot secara internal karena di outsource semua ke tim Expecto. Selalu tepat waktu, terus hasil editingnya juga sangat bagus, jadi sangat memuaskan, great job taman-taman Expecto!”

Rieke Caroline, SH., MKnFounding CEO KontrakHukum.com

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