In the light of claiming and maintaining the good reputation of a brand, recently, a bakery from Korea suddenly went viral.  Tou Les Jours became the target of netizens after a video showing bizarre rules from one of its branches in Jakarta was spread. The rules stated that the shop will not accept a cake order with greetings that is not in line with Islamic Sharia law. Of course, this triggered the reaction of the netizens. They condemned the shop with words like ‘racist shop’, ‘desert camel’, and some even chase them away from Indonesia.

Not long after, Tou Les Jours gave their clarification. They claimed that they have never made such rules. Their side is doing an internal investigation to find out if there is an involvement from their workers, or there is an outsider who put up the rules to damage the name of Tou Les Jours. This clarification and claim have proved to calm the upset netizens. Some of them suggested for Tou Les Jours to be more careful in watching their shops.

From here, we can learn a lesson on how important it is to safeguard the reputation of the Brand. One mistake can destroy the whole Brand. So, it is vital for the Brand to make a claim and guard their branding because consumer trust is really precious. For those who don’t understand what branding is and what is its difference with marketing, let’s read further below.

What is Branding?

It is essential to know that Brand and branding are two different things. A brand is referring to the name of your business, for example, Tou Les Jours, KFC, and Pizza Hut. While branding is the effort done to create the brand image. What kind of image that you want to show in your Brand. This is usually will be matched with your Brand’s marketing target, who and which market segment that will be the target for sales. So, when people heard your Brand’s name, they will immediately think about the image and identity that your Brand shows.

What is the difference between Branding and Marketing?

The simplest definition to differentiate between branding and marketing is “Marketing is what you are doing, while branding is who you are.” Tronvi Group explained that marketing is more to the pushing side, while branding is more about the tactic to attract customers. So, marketing is used to promote your product or service. In contrast, branding is there to communicate the value that your company offers to the public, why this business emerged, and what problems can be solved by your Brand. We can say that marketing uses persuasion as their tactic, and branding is about developing the emotional attachment between the Brand and the customers.

Is Branding Important in the Digital Era?

Building a strong brand in the digital era is, of course, crucial. The consumers’ behavior nowadays has changed a lot. They choose to shop online through digital platforms instead of shopping in a physical store. There has been so many Brand that was born without a physical store, they maximized the use of their online branding and marketing.

What Should Be Done For A Brand Building?

It was stated above that building a brand or branding is about communicating your brand to the consumers. So, what should be done for your brand building to go smoothly? Here are the 3 + 1 things that you should know:

  • Service Brand – for Brand in the service industry, it has to build a strong knowledge about things that connected to your services, giving the best experience, and maintain communication with your consumers. Jouska, a financial consulting brand, might be the perfect example for you.
  • Product Brand – brand in the product sector can create their branding by showing the value of their product to the consumers when they have it. So they can have their own comfort in using your product. Just like what Ford, Samsung, or Nike does.
  • Retail Brand – brand in the retail sector can be build by combining product value and the service experience offered. You can learn this from Matahari, Lotte Mart, etc.

Integrated Marketing

We know that Integrated Marketing is the key to successful digital marketing. Integrated marketing is a good combination of branding and marketing. So, your Brand building is done at the same time as digital marketing. When doing a product campaign, you also put in the values of your Brand.

After you understand how important to make a claim, maintain the Brand, and the ways to do a digital branding, you will be ready to face the intense competition in the digital world. Good luck and success to you!


Photo Credit: Pixabay